The Erlich Lab

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Hiring Postdocs

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow with experience in rodent behavior, electrophysiology and optogenetics. The fellow will work on a set of recently developed visuomotor tasks which involve complex visual perception, spatial cognition, learning, movement planning, updating and execution. Details here

Student Workers

If you are interested in applying for a student worker position please send an email to In the email include: your CV, your class schedule/availabe time, any relevant experience you have, and any other information that you think might be relevant.

Lab Members

Jeffrey Erlich, PI


Sylvain Dubroqua
Jenya Lukinova

Graduate Students

Josh Moller-Mara
XiaoYue Zhu
Peiyuan Zhang (co-advised by Xiao-Jing Wang)


Cequn Wang
Yidi Chen


Michael Lukiman
Xiangci Li
Yuyue Wang
Shine Zhou
Misya Erwin


Lingqi Zhang


Bo Zhang


Steve Lehrer
Zheng "ZZ" Zhang
Ming Hsu