The Erlich Lab

About The Lab

The Erlich Lab is generally interested in neural mechanisms underlying cognition. We currently have ongoing projects related to economic decision-making, integrating of value and perceptional information, spatial cognition and motor planning.

The lab at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour in London, UK is open and recruiting!


If you are interested in a post-doc, PhD, staff or internship please write to, including your CV and a cover letter explaining your interest.

Lab Members

Jeffrey Erlich, PI, CV


Chaofei Bao

Graduate Students

Margarida Pexirra
Josh Moller-Mara
Jingjie Li


Grayson Yin
Mehul Rastogi


Ariel Xu



Liujunli Li (Graduate in Jan 2023) XiaoYue Zhu (Graduated in Jan 2022, now a data scientist in New York) Xirui Zhao (now doing grad school in CS in USA)
Shengjie Xu (now doing PhD in Germany)
Xuan Wen (now doing a PhD at Vanderbilt)
Nengneng Gao (Took a teaching position)
Ce Ma (Graduate school in CS, in USA)
Sylvain Dubroqua (now in Toronto, Canada working in Clinical Research) Jenya Lukinova (Now faculty at U Nottingham)
Hung-Tu Chen (Now a PhD student at Dartmouth)
Xiangci Li (now doing PhD in CS in Texas)
Yizhou Chen (now doing a PhD in neuroscience in Texas) Tomasz Merta (in Med School in Singapore)
Bo Zhang (Data Science at Apple)
Lingqi Zhang (PhD at U Penn)
Michael Lukiman
Yuyue Wang
Shine Zhou
Misya Erwin
Cequn Wang (Neuroscience tech company in Shanghai
Yidi Chen (Personal trainer in Shanghai)
Wanning Fu
Jonathan S. Lin
Stephen Mathew
Chloe Haddaway (Lab Manager at NYU Med School)
Xinying Zhang
Brianna Lee Fu


Ann Duan